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Oh it’s been too long!

on August 25, 2012

“Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?” 1 Corinthians3:16

The mere whisper of Jesus draws us into His lap.  The Lord is a breath away.  He is the breath of life that threads our hearts to our heads. He dwells in the depths of our soul- filling our Spirit.  The Lord is the fountain of life.  He gives us strength in His name.  He sets our feet on solid ground.  He does this even when we turn our gaze from His face.  He is always forgiving.

I need to seek His forgiveness.  I am learning that in the midst of fun and adventure, I turn my gaze from His face with as little as a bat of an eye.  I am so easily distracted.  I am so capable of happily meandering through life’s excitement without giving thanks and praise to the One who creates delight and joy.  I find myself retreating from the Lord each summer.  I find myself outside of the Word instead of firmly planted in it…

But, I serve a forgiving God.  I serve a God who understands our fallen human nature and extends great mercy and grace to us when we least deserve it.  He sees to it that our hearts are filled with the desire to repent.  I am awed by His love.  He is always there…even with I am far away.

Each day I wake ready and willing to be filled with the Spirit of God.  He graciously pours into me the goodness of His heart.  He reminds me that He surrounds my every moment.  I see Him reflected in the downstream flow of a river; the ever-so-tiny flowers that grow with great abandon among the rocks of a sea’s shore.  He is evident in the curious eyes’ of little ones exploring the greens of meadow.  He is abundant in the love shared in a family.  He is ever-present.  He is there even when I am not.  I am grateful.

So, I repent.  I ask Him to fill me with the desire to seek and be still.  I seek to see Him in every facet of my day.  I seek to be filled with His love to overflowing.  I repent of my time spent marveling at His creation without properly thanking Him for His gifts…the gifts He pours out over me when I am least deserving.  I am humbled by His amazing grace.

I am His-always.  He is deep-set in the core of my being.  He dwells in my heart.  He fills me with Joy.  He opens my eyes to the delight of His majestic artistry.  I will spend my days marveling in His grace.   Thank you Lord for your Spirit that fills me with the peace that surpasses understanding…thank you for abundant forgiveness that sets me on solid ground to press into You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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