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on October 9, 2012

this is a sweet sister in Christ of mine and her family…they have graciously accepted the call to be parents to a equally sweet young boy…God knew all along their position in Seregj’s life…now Latvia does to!! Congratulations McGrath family of FIVE…oh, yea! FIVE!!!!!!!!!


I kept waking up last night.  I had unplugged my clock so I wouldn’t be aware of the time.  I knew with Chris seven thousand miles away and seven hours ahead in Latvia petitioning the Court for Seregjs’ adoption, I’d be a waking-up-at-all-hours-mess.



Without a clock for confirmation, I don’t know that I woke up just as Chris headed out to make a four hour drive to the regional court, again as the Judge, in frustration, almost immediately called a recess because of translation issues, again as the Judge called another three hour recess to decide the case, or finally at 7:00 am as Chris, on the other side of the world walked out of the Courthouse a dad, officially, of three.



But my romantic side would like to think that yes, my body clock, so connected to my hubby and my son knew just when to wake…

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