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Have faith….

on October 20, 2012

“Cast your cares on the Lord, for He cares about you.” 1Petere5:7

I love this verse. It speaks directly to my heart and I know that it is perfectly true.

The Lord does care about me and so I can give him all of my cares…my troubles, my worries, my anxieties…He always mends the brokenness.  But, beloved, He is not only there in times of trial…but He is in the midst of all our jubilee and joy and goodness.  That is who He is; all things bright and beautiful.

I came to lean on the Lord fully about five years ago.  I surrendered my heart to Him and knelt at His feet, laying the cares of my heart out in front of Him.  I don’t rely on Him to do it all for me, I am an active participant in my life.  I do however, have blind faith, and know that when I call He answers.

Faith is a relationship not a religion.  There is no ritual.  Faith is not about saying certain prayers, but rather,  honest prayers.  Faith is not being baptized at birth or now or later.  Faith is not how we worship or how we share the gospel. Faith is knowing that the One True God created us to have a perfect relationship with Him.  He created us to love and to be loved.  He created us to cast our cares on Him.

It is with great joy that I depend on the Lord.  I trust Him to carry me through this life.  I trust His counsel for it is always sound.

Cast your cares on Him.  Take the yoke of  your heavy


FAITH (Photo credit: cacigar)

life and put it on Him…he will carry it; gladly.  He will love you and fill you and restore your tired bones.  He created you to immerse yourself in Him.

I am beyond grateful for your provision.  I thank you carrying my ‘cares’.  I am Yours to mold and shape.  I praise you for your righteousness, your tender love and your perfect presence.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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