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on October 22, 2012

Happy Sergejs Nathan’s Birthday!!!!!


This past weekend we celebrated Sergejs’ 10th Birthday.



Costumes, balloons, pinata, confetti, games, gifts, a cake that lights up…all the trappings of an American kid’s birthday.



He loved it. Every minute.



Chris and I loved making him officially, absolutely and completely the center of attention for a whole day.   All the adults dressed up in costume.  All the kids played their hearts out.  There were scavenger hunts, sword fights, gun fights, stomp rockets, costume changes, Lego towers, and a lot of macaroni and cheese  (his favorite food).



Later, as I cleaned up the craziness I had a rare moment to reflect on a few things:



First: I am incredibly grateful to celebrate Sergejs Nathan’s birthday as his mom.  Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself this is all real.   It still feels like a dream.


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