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In need of some fruit…

on October 25, 2012
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English: Uploaded with permission of artist, Magda Szabo, on December 15, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For months I was really really good at praying the Fruit of the Spirit over my family…for nearly 10 months I would pray this prayer daily.  Then I erased the passage from my vanity and, as the old adage goes…”out of sight out of mind.”  So, I pressed into the Lord last night and asked Him to fill me to overflowing with HIS fruit.  The fruit that makes the Creator of Heaven and earth the magnificent and benevolent God He is…

Father, let me be a PEACE maker, not just a keeper.  Help me to see when there needs to be calm and  justice restored in myself and family.

Help me to speak words of KINDNESS that breathe life into the hearts of my husband, children and loved ones.

I seek to bask in Your JOY; in times of trial and triumph let me feel YOUR JOY.  I have learned that humans can be happy, but I want full-fledged JOY in every circumstance.

Teach me LOVE, to speak in LOVE, act in LOVE, sow LOVE.  Let me share agape (unconditional, Christ-like) LOVE with all I encounter.

It’s big, but Father, I ask for Your PATIENCE.  I am so poorly equipped to be PATIENT on my own.  I fail every time I try, but You are perfectly PATIENT, please lavish me.

I desire to be GENTLE in how I treat my little loves, that when I rebuke or restore them, I do it as You do to me, with GENTLENESS.

Help to restore my FAITH, so I walk obediently in You each day.  That I am FAITHFUL to depend on You and accept Your will for my life.

You are so GOOD to me Lord, help me to see Your goodness in every aspect of my life.  Help me to understand that in ‘all things You work for the GOOD’.

And finally, God, I pray that I may walk in Your SELF-CONTROL.  That I submit to You and not to temptation. I want to have SELF-CONTROL that is from You so that I may walk as an example to others. (Adapted from Galatians 6:22)

Father, I ask to be filled with Your Fruit  and to understand that You have given me a guide to live my life abundantly in You and in the MIGHTY SAVING NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, Amen.


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