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Riding out the storm…

on October 26, 2012

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self control.”  2Timothy1:7

Just a sweet little anecdote before the ‘storm of the century’ hits.

We often chose, as parents, to keep information from our children.  Especially information that may cause them to worry or feel fear or be anxious.

However, in today’s age of instant information it can be difficult to avoid sharing.  Such was the case today when my sweet Max heard about Hurricane Sandy.

With wide eyes and a forced smile he asked if a hurricane was going to hit our city. I told him that we are expecting a storm, but not to fret because Jesus is in our home, our city, and the storm.  He knows the story of Jesus halting the storm on Galilee, and he trusts greater than anyone I know the mighty saving power of the Lord.

So, tonight as we said our bedtime prayers; Max said, “I know we are safe but even if we aren’t, while it will be sad if we die, it will be ok because we will be with Jesus and there is no place better than that.”  As he finished his proclamation he looked heaven-ward and his checks flushed and a sweet smile graced his face.

There is no one who can predict the storm’s path, strength or outcome perfectly. Our reliance should not be on the forecasters but rather on the Lord.  He will  see us through.  There may be damage and loss, but this too He will redeem by His mighty hand.  Trust Jesus as Max does.  Press into the Lord, cast your fears on Him.

Thank you, Father, for children who embody great faith.  Thank you for your promise of Heaven. Thank you for carrying us through storms and protecting us in Your great and Mighty Name.  In Jesus I pray, Amen.


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