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He will not forsake you…

on November 5, 2012
Copia desde la Crucifixion dibujada hacia 1540...

Copia desde la Crucifixion dibujada hacia 1540 por Miguel Angel Buonarroti para Vittoria Colonna. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Matthew 27:46

This was Jesus’ plea from the cross.  He called out to His Father in heaven.  The crowd stood in anticipation.  They predicted that Elijah, the prophet, would come to save him.

“Jesus cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up His spirit.” Matthew 27:50

He gave us His spirit. The very Spirit that has followed the fathers of our faith since Abraham.  The Spirit that speaks gently into our heart.  The Spirit that allows us to commune with the Lord.  Was Jesus forsaken?  No! Not at all.

The Lord did not forsake His Son.  He allowed His earthly death as a fulfillment of the scriptures.  He allowed for an atoning sacrifice so that we may live abundantly with the Lord in Heaven.  So that we may lean in close to the Lord’s ear and He will hear our plea for life and love.  He did not forsake His Son.  He gave Him as a gift to the world so that we may live in the freedom of Christ.

I think I take this for granted.  I know I do.

I am so grateful for the sacrifice of the Father and Son, and yet each day I turn so readily from His grace.  I decide to “go it alone”, without His perfect and sound counsel.  When I do this, my life seems to unravel.  It was through the atoning blood shed on the Cross that has washed me of my sinful nature.  I must press into that gift.  I must not take it for granted.  I must choose to live abundantly in Him.  I must take heed of His sacrifice.  I am not on this earth to live abundantly in myself, but in Christ.

When I live in Him, I am a kinder and gentler wife and mother.  I find myself being encouraged even in the difficult moments, in the moments that, without Christ, are unbearable.  But, when I give it all to Him, everything…I am so able to walk in His Fruit.  I am able to walk out LOVE and JOY and PEACE and PATIENCE and KINDNESS and GOODNESS and GENTLENESS and FAITHFULNESS and SELF-CONTROL.  I am able to leave myself aside and walk in His abundance.  My family is blessed when I am being governed by Christ and not myself.

I am so grateful to the Lord for His sacrifice. I am so blessed to be counted among those who will rejoice in the Throne Room.  I think of who I was before and how I had no idea of His power.  I am grateful to all those who drug me out of the mire.  I thank God for placing saints in my path who prayed, and interceded and stood in the gap for me.  I am grateful for their love.

I pray that I may be a beacon of HOPE to the lost.  Father, I pray that you use me abundantly for your good works.  Lord I pray that a life is saved in you, today.  Father, I praise You in all things.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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