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In the warm Son…

on November 9, 2012
English: Christmas star Deutsch: Weihnachtsstern

English: Christmas star Deutsch: Weihnachtsstern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sit here in the warmth of a sunny autumn day.  The jeweled toned leaves gently blanket the emerald grass.  I am blessed.

As the sun rests softly on my shoulders, I am reminded of the One whose breath breathed this glorious light into the world.  I am reminded that as the golden rays light on my window, the Son lights on my heart.

This time of  year often meets me between emotions of elation and melancholy.  I am joyful in the crisp air that reminds me that I am alive, the anticipation of a celebration, the birth of a Savior, and yet I rest in the want of two parents who have taken residence in the Kingdom of Heaven.  My heart yearns to meander through woods with a daddy who instilled a love a nature cemented deep in my being.  I long to fancy up with a momma who lived in festive. She sparkled like a Christmas star.

I am grateful as the Fall becomes Winter and I am reminded of the Babe born in a manger.  The God-man who came to this earth to give you and me life.  The One whose sacrifice made my life possible.  My journey to heaven is paved in His blood.

So, as I wax lonesome for the two who gave me life, I am reminded that in Him there is reuniting and reunion. That the moments on earth are fast fleeting and we are to be secure and sound in His Kingdom.  Eternity will be celebrated rejoicing in Him…together.

I am grateful.



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