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on November 10, 2012

I did a rogue count of adventure trips in my life and found that I have been on more trips with my sweet husband in twelve years than I had in the twenty-five years before I knew him.

Very early in our relationship we adventured.  My beloved has taken me to mountain and sea. From coast to coast.  His soul longs for adventure.  I am delighted that I am his permanent travel companion.

It’s something I never considered important until I met the man of my dreams.  I never thought exploration was a soul-lifting event. It is.

I am drawn closer to God when we set out on our travels.  I see the bounty of the Lord’s magnificent Hand.  The Hand that created the landscape we traverse. The beauty of this marvelous planet.

We travel simple.  Well, maybe not simple, but uncluttered.  I like the comfort of home and perhaps Lysol wipes, but for the most part we travel with change of clothes and good books.  Oh, and music.  Bluegrass.  I long to hear the fiddle as we wind through the Blueridge Mountains.

Two new travelers have taken space in our vehicle.  They are learning, through practice and patience, to enjoy the ride.  As the journey is part of the destination.

The Lord has provided these sojourns for us.  He has carved path of beauty through endless tree and hillside.  He lights snow on roadside for us to marvel at.  He is brilliant in His travel plan.

I thank the Lord for a man who practices travel well.  His goal is that I see the United States in her entirety.  I pray we fulfill his dream.

For now we discover the joy of the East and wax grateful for the beauty that abounds around us.




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