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Live in gratitude…

on November 21, 2012
thank you note for every language

thank you note for every language (Photo credit: woodleywonderworks)

“We give thanks to you O God,
we give thanks, for Your name is near” Psalm 75:1a

We live in a society that has all but omitted the words “Thank You”.  So why is it any big surprise that we are also a country that omits giving thanks to God?  Tomorrow is a day designated for Thanks and Gratitude and yet we are preoccupied with the sales and bargains we will secure when the meal is done or the by daybreak on Friday.  We are forgetting that not so long ago, Thanksgiving was a time to count our blessings, a time to reflect on the year behind and prepare for the year ahead.

I am guilty as any other American.  I have laid my clothes out on Thanksgiving Night in an effort to cut my time to get ready to meet the masses in the mall.  I have prepared my course of action.  We all have. But, why not take a moment…or more, to pause and give thanks.

Give thanks? You may ask.  What on earth do we have to be thankful for?  Our economy is tanking, job loss is ridiculously high. Our schools are underachieving.  There are babies dying daily.  Our precious Israel is being torn apart right before our very eyes.  Our churches are being led by the consumerism of our time…serve me, not I will serve.  What then could we be so grateful for?  How could we possibly give thanks at a time like this?

Here’s how…we thank God because in times of trial, we can call on His name.  He is with us always. (Matthew 28:20)  He does not leave or forsake us.  He may allow the trial to reign through our country; world.  But, He is a breath of gratitude away.

We wonder where He is in these uncertain and tumultuous times.  We crave His presence.  Or do we?  We have taken Him out of our schools, our country.  We seldom invite Him to dine with us.  We have put Him out of our daily living.  How then, do we expect Him to lavish us in His great mercy, unless we are willing to abide in Him and trust Him?

My son has been sick for almost two weeks, common childhood ailments.  The stuff that makes us stronger.  As we sat down to eat our, what seemed like 100th, bowl of chicken soup, he gave thanks for the cold.  He gave thanks for the tired and uncomfortable he had been feeling.  He praised the Lord, because through it all he has felt he presence of the Lord upon him…even in affliction.  He knows that God has not left him or forsaken him.  He knows, and declared, “You have brought me closer to You during this hard time.” Out of the mouths of babes.  A child giving thanks in the midst of undesirable and uncomfortable.  We should take a cue.

Many live paycheck to paycheck.  Thank you God for the provision we have.  Some receive food from Food Pantries.  Thank you God for those who care enough to buy a little extra and donate it to the ones in need. Some have no electricity or water.  Thank you Lord for the shelter of a home, to protect us from the elements. Some hear the sound of gun fire and bombs. Thank you Lord that You are drawing attention to Your jewel, Israel…that we may finally understand her need to be protected and honored.

It may be hard to utter the words ‘thank you’ in these profoundly difficult times.  But try.  Try living in gratitude.  It is the language of our Heavenly Father.  It is right to give thanks and praise.  He has promised struggle on this earth; and glorious riches and abundant life in Heaven.  Heaven on earth is a myth, a fantasy.  He is refining us through the struggle and giving us a foundation in Him.  He will not forsake us or leave us.  He loves us.

So, as you gather around the table…practice giving thanks.  It may take you and yours out of your comfort zone, but that’s ok.  God rejoices in our ability to be uncomfortable. He rejoices in our ability to praise and thank Him…always.

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving.  May the Lord’s angels go before you in all you do!


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