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From this day forward…

on November 27, 2012

“This is my lover, this is my friend…” Song of Songs 5:16

I truly believe that marriage is the most amazing God gift we can receive.  I believe that for each one of us, there is an amazing person to share the journey of life with.  I also believe that the journey is one mixed with joy and frustration. After all, if we are living real, we are living raw.

My husband and I are coming upon our 13th ‘dating’ anniversary.  We met almost 15 years ago, but did not start to woe each other…or rather; he did not woe me until two years after we met.  He waited for me.  I am blessed.

I knew the moment I met him that he was the one.  I tell the story often, but it bears repeating.  “I saw him and I heard a small, soft whisper tell me he would be a great husband.  He would be kind to me and take good care of me.” He is and he does.

We love very differently than one another.  He has a servant’s heart and I am an encourager.  These two gifts work well together…but can also find themselves pulling on the same cord.

We have shared our life as man and wife for eleven years.  We have been in love for 13.  (Or 15 if you count the first time I saw him.)  However you number the years, we have loved for, what feels like, forever. We are one.

Recently, as the Lord has gifted us with new and challenging adventure, the cord we pull on has seemed to tighten.  We both want what is best for each other and our family, but we seem to be running a household rather than living a love life.  I venture to guess this happens in most marriages.  Some seasons are filled with less romance and more responsibility. It can weigh heavy on two hearts that long to be filled with the spark that started it all.

I am convinced that the Lord does this to grow us for His perfect glory.  I am, also and equally, convinced that the Lord has a great purpose for our time of tired and strained.  I know He does; He is sovereign.

I miss those days of falling madly into each other’s arms after a long day’s work…but those days were without the pitter patter of little feet…the feet that now propel the bodies of little ones into those same arms.  Our love hasn’t changed, just the pattern of our greeting.  We are parents, and our lives are not (quite) our own.  We belong to two loving children who are exuberant and honest in their love for their parents.  They tend to take over.  They tend to push their way between us.  This is not God’s perfect plan.  But, I would guess that it is only a season…if we let it be.

I am not good at yielding to my husband.  I probably yield to my children more.  If God were a nun, my writs would surely be slapped. I am to honor my husband above my children.  There is a simple way of living and I tend to misplace the order. GOD…SPOUSE…FAMILY (children)…CHURCH and so on.  I am acutely aware of how I put my kids and (honestly) myself and even my church before my beloved husband far too often.  Something has to change. It must.  I am committed and avowed to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man.  How will we ever get back to ‘madly filling each other’s arms’ if I am filling my arms too full?  I am guilty.  I think many of us are, especially those of us who mother young children.  Our time is not our own, so how can we expect it to be given freely to any other aspect of our life…most especially our husbands.  It needs to be given abundantly and first (under God) to him.

So, just as the movie Courageous made a declaration for men…we women need a declaration too.

I offer my rogue decree.

I, Samantha Ewing, vow to love the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul.  I will love the man who the Lord has created specifically for me, above all others. I will be grateful for the way he serves God, me and our family.  I will be blessed when the moments we have are few. I will make the most of them. I vow to give him abundant respect and unconditional, agape love.  I will hold his heart precious and close to my own, as it is fragile and dear. I will share my life with him and put him before all others under God.  I pray the Lord will remind me to encourage and serve and edify my gift of a husband.  When the road seems long and weary, I will pray with him that we are able to ford it together.  I will call on the Lord with my husband when we are in times of want and plenty…emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I will trust the guidance of my husband and share in the bounty of our life.  I will commit to slowing down and pausing long enough to see the man who I fell in love with.  I will praise the Lord daily, moment by moment, for the gift of this amazing man who I share my life with. I will do this with God as my compass. I commit to this today and always. I pray this in the name of Jesus, amen.

May the Lord bless your marriage and mine.  May we walk abundantly in all that He has planned for us.  Will you declare the peace of the Lord upon your marriage?  Take the vow.  Print it out.  Live it.  You were created for the man you share this world with…rejoice in it!

Be blessed and be a blessing.


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