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Today I will….

on November 29, 2012
Philippians 4:23 and "Amazing Grace"...

Philippians 4:23 and “Amazing Grace” poster (Photo credit: Martin LaBar)

Today I will walk in the GRACE of the Lord.

I will rely on His Spirit of JOY to fill me in times of trial.

I will call on Him for His HUMILITY and ask that He humbles me to Him.

I will LOVE in abundance according to His command.

I will ask to be filled with His PEACE, on my own I am incapable.

I will seek His PATIENCE, for without it I am curt and harsh.

I will dwell in the KINDNESS of the LORD; doing unto others as He has done to me.

I will declare His GOODNESS abound in my home.

I will be GENTLE with His flock…and myself.

I  will be FAITHFUL to trust His plan and purpose for the trial.

I will ask for His SELF CONTROL to fill me.  Without Him I am powerless.

I will breathe His lovely, wonderful name all day.  I will walk in Him.  I will share His message of HOPE.

Today I will abandon self to live in Him.



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