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The best Christmas pressie…

on December 12, 2012
Cheers to you, Hers!

Cheers to you, Hers!

We all have a memory of that one gift that stands out among all the rest. Perhaps is was a trip, or a new outfit, or a piece of jewelry….something you coveted and then, by all Christmas miracles, received.  My best gift was my sweet baby cousin, Erin.

See, she was born this day, December 12, 1980.  I was soon to be six and she was exactly what my heart had desired.  A new baby.  I remember the night with exact detail.  I remember the red bow tied in my hair.  I remember the excitement and anticipation and the longing to see this little gem.  I am blessed to have this indelible memory cemented firmly in my heart.

It would stand to reason, that she would have a ‘once in a lifetime’ birthday.  She is celebrating her 12/12/12. How fun! It suits her because if she is anything, she is unique and really a ‘once in a lifetime’ woman.  She is remarkable.

Erin and I grew up as close as sisters.  Two only-children.  We spent summers and holidays and weekends and moments soaking in life. My fondest memories have her in the center.  She is, undoubtedly, the one person who knows me best.

We have walked paths of joy and heartache.  Our sweet little family has been victorious in the face of trial.  We have walked with each other through deep sadness, loss and failure.  We have carried one another’s burdens.  We have always had a shoulder to share.  We have, without fail, come out of the fire, stronger and more courageous.  We share a desire to push on.  We share ‘tough’.  We share a love that only sisters know.

Our lives have been blessed with immeasurable joy and good.  We have delighted in stolen moments of pure bliss.  We have married, given birth to babies, thrown parties and laughed our way through travels.  We are threaded together…my heart to hers.

I am beyond grateful to the Lord for the creation of Erin.  She is an inspiration to me.  She encourages me to be a woman of valor and honor.  She is loyal and honest.  She loves beyond well…she loves fully.

She is the exclamation point on the end of our distinctly unique family sentence.  She has brought gifts abundant to our family.  She is a blessing!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST LITTLE SISTER IN THE WORLD!  May the LORD bless you today and always.  May you never forget the deep and abiding love your family has for you and may you always know the wonderful pressie

you are! xo


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