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In times like this we need to seek God…

on December 15, 2012

“Jesus is the same yesterday  and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

We grieve as a nation for the dear lives lost in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  We offer prayer and hope for healing.  We ask ‘how’ and ‘why’ could this tragedy happen?  We grasp at news stories and headlines hoping for an answer….a reason.  Our human minds can not comprehend the evil that overtook those moments.  What we can comprehend is that the Lord, Jesus Christ is present in this time of heartache.  We ask why, He, the Lord of lords, allowed for this to happen.  Many may question His sovereignty.  We rely on our own human condition to explain away the horror.  Evil is present in our world…in abundance.

I am a mother of two children, two between the ages of five and ten.  My heart is heavy for the mothers and fathers and siblings of those lost.  For the wives and husbands who will lay their spouses to rest.  I am grieved to think that a sleepy community has been rattled to it’s core.  I am beyond overwhelmed by the thought that one single being could reign such terror into the lives of a nation…the world. I am lost for words to explain the emotion that I am sure we all feel.  But, in the midst of my (our) complete and utter confusion, I am comforted by the faith I have in Christ. Jesus wasn’t absent from Sandy Hook yesterday at 9:30.  I imagine His presence was palpable as He carried little lambs to sit in His mighty lap eternally. And while the gunman had intended death to prevail, the Lord was victorious as He ushered the fallen into the beauty and perfection of Heaven.  He stood in the face of the evil one capturing each soul as it lifted from lifeless bodies. Long before the first breath of man, the Lord created a place that brings eternal joy where we will all be united forever.

I am not making light of the loss that the families and friends of those slain have felt.  I am certain they are feeling pain greater than many of us will ever imagine.  They are broken and shattered and, seemingly, beyond repair.  Their lives have been stolen by evil.  Their pain is threading through the hearts of those who grieve with them.  And yet, in all this tribulation, there is Jesus.  Jesus who is abundant and loving and ever-present.  Jesus who is the healer of the weary and broken.  He offers rest to all who call His name.  He is holding their hearts as they mourn. He is covering this nation with His amazing grace.  Grace more fathomable than evil.  He will heal them.  He will, as the hurt ebbs and flows, cover them in His mercy. He will cover us all.

Father in Heaven,
You alone heal us when we are broken.  Heal our nation.  Heal the hearts of those who grieve real and deep.  Heal our fallen nature.  Lord restore us


Remembering (Photo credit: Puzzler4879 (Thank You for 500K Views))

so that we, as a vast community, can comprehend the sanctity of life.  Lord God, forgive us our trespasses.  Help us, Father, to live abundantly in Your love, and goodness, and peace, and kindness.  Give us the prayers to pray for those who are shattered. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


5 responses to “In times like this we need to seek God…

  1. Shelly says:

    He really is the only place we can turn in times like this. He has the power to heal and bring comfort that can only come from our Heavenly Father and Creator.

  2. Ralph says:

    I’m disappointed by many in the Christian community who simply pray, grieve, reflect about god, and then move on. There is astoundingly little emphasis on how we can (and should) be working to prevent as many tragedies like this in the future as we can.

    In 2007, Japan had 2 gun-related homicide while we had over 10,000. It is not because Japan prays more than we do, or have more religion, but because they regulate firearms as the deadly weapons they are. Our gun laws are inexcusably broken. Dangerous felons and the mentally ill can legally buy weapons on the secondary market without any background check- a legal loophole that even 74% of NRA members think should be fixed.

    We cannot prevent every tragedy, but we can easily prevent thousands of unnecessary deaths each year by working to put sensible gun laws in place and sufficiently fund our mental health programs.

    Prayer is fine, but it alone will not change our broken society. We need to do the work ourselves. Christians should not ignore their duty to make our society a safer world.

    • Ralph,
      I thank you for your comments. I, too, agree that gun control is essential to protecting our society. I also believe that the Lord is supreme in all things and that until our society turns to Him, we will suffer abundantly for the sins of man. When we chose, as a society, to live outside of the Lord’s commands, we will encounter travesty. We will encounter abundant loss.
      My prayer is that our nation would stop relying fully on government and policy but give their hearts and lives fully to the Lord.

      I urge you to meditate on scripture and feel the wholeness of the Lord.

      Merry CHRISTmas.

      • Trilby says:

        I strongly disagree that working, humbly but tirelessly, to make our society better through our democracy is “relying fully on the government”. I did not suggest that people cease working through church or through faith and instead rely entirely on government. But government is a very effective way to prevent unnecessary violence and death, and pretending Christians cannot do good work through political institutions not only is shirking your duty as a Christian and a citizen (in my secular opinion), it allows our cycles of violence to continue. I understand Jehovah’s witness may not be involved in politics, but I did not think other Christians had any similar prohibition so long as they stayed committed to Jesus and his teachings.

        I am not a Christian (I celebrate the winter solstice, and I see many Christians enjoy my pagan tradition of having a green tree in their homes!), in large part because I am underwhelmed by how Christians live and treat other people. And to me this is very noticeable with guns- so many Christians pray and pray for the victims of guns but won’t lift a finger to work toward effective ways to prevent future bloodshed.

        I do meditate on scripture though. I think about why jesus destroyed a fig tree and why Lot is considered a moral man when he offered his virgin daughters to be raped instead of his guests. Why the people in numbers killed the man for gathering sticks on the sabbath. Why the bible suggests pi=3. Whether the old testament should be followed “to every tittle of the law”, and why so much of scripture condones slavery. I genuinely enjoy exploring and learning about scripture with friends, but most Christians I have met who say the bible is their favorite book are not even aware of most of the passages that concern me.

        Happy solstice!

      • I agree whole-heartedly that Christians should be prudent and involved in the changing of policy and procedure. I am an advocate of the 2nd ammendment in times of a necessary malitia.
        In light of the Old Testament, while we are commanded to uphold the 10 commandments, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ became the sacrifice. The Lord gave His Son so that we would not have to make decisions as harsh and brutal as Lot, Abraham, David, etc…

        I venture to guess we are in agreement on many points, unfortunately, email, internet, blog, does not allow for the means by which an intellectual conversation should truly be conveyed. I do, however, enjoy reading your views, they have provided great inspiration and wealth. I am not a politico…rather, simply a follower of Christ. I believe the Bible as truth. I am encouraged daily in my walk with the Lord. I am also, a child of a pagan father who embodied great insight. I am delighted in differences in mankind and trust that together, it is our responsibility to build a society safe and sound for ourselves, and children. How/who we believe in is not what should bind or divide us, but rather encourage us in our differences to make this a world worth living in.

        I am a grateful for your wisdom. I appreciate your knowledge and insight.
        I pray you enjoy the glory of Winter…as I have,too,celebrated the solstice.

        I am hopeful that more of our citizens would embrace your (our) passion for a society that does not sit by waiting for someone else to make the changes, but we who have a voice to share, would work humbly to bring to light the world.

        Thank you for venturing into my world…may you always feel welcome to offer your value!


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