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God Bless America…

on May 2, 2013
Patriotic Storm - American Flag  - Lightning S...

Patriotic Storm – American Flag – Lightning Strikes (Photo credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna)

National Day of Prayer. Oh, how this nation needs it.

Father in Heaven,

Forgive us. Forgive us as a nation for our meandering and straying ways. Father, forgive us our trespasses and our apathy and our negligence. Forgive us, Lord, for living for self instead of denying it.

Lord, forgive our disregard for life. Forgive us our deliberate unkindness and aloofness toward our neighbor. Forgive us the inability to love fully and wholly those who are in times of trial.

Forgive us for coveting and desiring what is not ours.

Lord, we are fallen. As a nation we are sinking into an abyss of immorality.  We are consumed by what feels good instead of what is right. Lord, forgive us.

Forgive our nation for innocent blood shed and disregard for human life.

Lord, forgive our nation.

I pray an indwelling of Your Holy Spirit in the hearts of those who are lost. Call on the ‘one’ O, Lord. Shepherd us back to Your heart. Lean in close, Father, that you may hear our cry for peace and grace and mercy. Lord, turn our faces to Yours.

I pray for each unborn child, each miracle created by you. None is a mistake. Lord, I pray for the women afraid and lonely apt to make desperate decisions. Lord, fill them with Your presence. Save the life they carry.

Father, I pray for our leaders. I pray that their decisions would be wise. I pray they would seek to unite our nation. I pray favor for our country.

Father, bless us.

I pray we are united in thanksgiving and love. I pray that we rise up as a nation strong and whole; an example to the world around us.

I pray these things in the Saving name of Jesus. Amen

“Thank You Lord that You will make us a great nation and You will bless this nation, and make our name; and so this nation shall be a blessing. “Genesis 12:2


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