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I am totally and completely overbooked! I spend my days volunteering as though there is no other volunteer on the planet. I am a do-er. But, I didn’t realize this until the obligations started mounting. Really…I am a loafer. I appreciate spending long lazy afternoons on the couch with movies on and a piles of books I may or may not read. I love to sit and do crossword puzzles and paint. I find comfort in cozy clothes and high-sodium snacks…but not lately. No, lately I find comfort (sort of) in my jeans that probably could fit a bit better (thanks to the high-sodium snacks) and my wedge sandels (with my sad little unpainted toes peeking out). I spend my days, not on the couch, but in my car…at the computer…in the school. I started to get a bit frustrated at the commitments I had made in an effort to be helpful. But I came to a conclusion yesterday…someone else will volunteer even if I don’t! I will not be bullied into serving on random committees just for the sake of having my name in print. I will not be bullied into taking on someone else’s angenda…I have my own! My own agenda…well actually HIS agenda.
All the while I am serving the world around me I neglected to serve the one who created me. Not that I had turned my back on God, but I certainly wasn’t giving Him his full due. I wasn’t serving joyfully in anything I was doing. Not even the stuff for my beloved church…ouch! That’s an eye/heart opener. So I prayed and I asked for the Lord to take the things away from me that were not bringing Him glory and the the things that were not necessary…guess what? All of my activities remained, but now instead of feeling overbooked…I feel overjoyed because now I use my time as a volunteer as a missionary. It’s my role as a Christian soldier to encourage others in their faith…to share my testimony…but above all to GLORIFY HIM!!

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