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He delights in the creation of YOU!

on September 18, 2013


“Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
Oh what a foretaste of Glory Divine
Heir of salvation, purchase of God
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.”

No matter how difficult this world is-tragedy and heartache abound-the Lord is perfectly present. And while we may not always feel His hand, we are forever held tight in His powerful, protective grip.


This world is fallen. It is wrought with pain and hurt. We face battles and wage wars that feel too great to bear, but the Father gives us His strength to fight the good fight. We must trust, that while the world is grossly sinful, we serve a perfect God who has gone before us to prepare a perfect place for our souls to rest in the everlasting Glory of Jesus.

When this life is over we will bask in the beauty of the Lord for eternity. The heartache of this world will fade and pass away and we will be met in the throne room of Heaven by the Creator Himself. The face we have sought will be revealed fully. The light of His divinity will be brighter and more brilliant than the sun could ever hope to shine.

We are created for HOPE. We are created for LOVE. We are created by a Master Designer who knits us together perfectly in His image. We have the hearts and minds of Christ.

We are washed in His holy-righteousness; cleansed in His perfect forgiveness by His blood. He longs to right our paths to the narrow trail that leads straight to His tender heart. He delights in His Shekinah Glory that fills the cracks and crevices of our broken spirit. He takes our goat hair tent-of-a-person, and by His indwelling, makes in us Glorious Temples of the Holy Spirit….the Spirit of GRACE and MERCY and JOY.

We are His treasures, created to seek his GOODNESS and KINDESS. He is the GREAT I AM, who was and is and is to come. He is our Wonderful Counselor…comforting us in our hours of need. He fills us with PEACE that surpasses understanding.  He is LOVE.

Seek Him. Seek Him as a true love. A husband who will adore and honor you. A love who will hold your precious heart in His mighty hands. You are His beloved and He is yours.

Find Him delighting in the creation of you-every moment of your beautiful life. He loves you with an everlasting, perfect LOVE.


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